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Quality Assurance Assessment

Machine translation is gaining ground but can’t stand alone so human translation is still a thing. As we all know we are only human so yes, mistakes can happen and if anyone tells you differently they most likely haven’t been in the industry long enough and end up providing a substandard translation.

Clients know that and usually end up spending countless hours, days or weeks making sure their project deliveries are up to their standards before launching them onto the world. Our Quality assurance procedure is in place to reduce the time clients spend on their documents because they know we did the cleaning up for them.

Lan’s production includes this last process, guaranteeing that at least three linguists with specific tasks have been exposed to the content, providing a fresh look at the document each time, resulting in consistency throughout and a finished product to meet the highest standards.

Our clients that have been around the block a few times know that buying into cheaper rates isn’t always a bargain.

Quality Assurance Assessment: Service
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